Have you ever seen ads for previous items you have Googled at the top of other websites you visit? It is not coincidence, because you are being tracked. Tracking (also called search profiling) is predominant online today. Everything we do online leaves a trail. Sites like Google, Netflix and Amazon track our searches and personalize results based on our preferences. In addition, retailers, are tailoring their mailings to not only what you searched, but what you "will" want. "Predictive analytics" is becoming a huge marketing tool to track our lifestyles. Welcome to 2014 and beyond!

We continue working on the development of the Granite Investor Portal. This will allow you to have web access at your convenience to your tax reporting information (IRS Form K-1's), quarterly reports, latest property update letters and subscription information. We anticipate concluding this project by the end of 2014 and will keep you posted on the progress, along with emailing you instructions for access in the coming months.

Granite is planning an Investor Appreciation night... details to follow. This will be a great social event for us all to enjoy an evening of food, fun and relaxation! As always you are welcome to contact me with any questions, concerns or address updates.