GLS Strategy

While there are opportunities available in both the discounted performing loan and non-performing loan segments, the non-performing loan provides the acquirer with multiple options to generate return on investments. 

The options are largely dependent on individual loan characteristics and can include a variety of loss mitigation scenarios including – Repayment plans, Loan Modification, Short Sale/Payoff, Note Sale, among others. Some workouts are “Home Retention Workouts”, attempting to keep the borrowers in their homes; while other workouts are termed “disposition workouts” involving one or more asset liquidation strategies.

The GLS team’s primary focus is on “Home Retention” and “Note Sales”. Home retention workouts allow us to help keep borrowers with the willingness and capacity to make mortgage payments in their homes. GLS has streamlined the borrower interview process and typically are able to make final decisions within 24 hours of contact with their borrowers. GLS is committed to being a part of the solution to our countries current housing crisis.

If GLS cannot rapidly achieve a “Home Retention” workout plan with their borrowers they will offer those notes for sale through their trading desk.

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"Getting through the housing crisis, one home at a time."