About Us

Granite Loan Solutions LLC (“GLS”) is a Delaware limited liability company wholly owned by Granite Investment Group. The Company is located within the Granite corporate office in Irvine, California and it operates in the nationwide Distressed Real Estate Mortgage Industry, with a focus on the residential sector.

Granite Loan Solutions executives have extensive experience in the acquisition, management and liquidation of non-performing mortgages. They have spoken at various seminars on the step by step process of buying and managing the liquidation of distressed non-performing loans. Their knowledge and experience enables them to stand out and perform at the highest levels in this demanding industry sector.

The GLS systems and internal processes for purchasing, managing and liquidating loans have been developed based on industry best practices. The widespread mortgage industry experience of the GLS and Granite executives has also helped develop a very strong and focused team of experts across all business functions.

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"Creating solutions in today's challenging real estate market."